Routes REST Endpoints

After creating IP networks and adding instances to the networks, you can specify connections between different networks by creating routes and IP network exchanges.

Route specifies the IP address of the destination as well as a vNICset which provides the next hop for routing packets. Using routes to enable traffic between subnets allows you to specify multiple routes to each IP network. Using vNICsets in routes also provides egress load balancing and high availability.

For more information, see Managing IP Networks in Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic.

Create a Route
Method: post
Path: /network/v1/route/
Delete a Route
Method: delete
Path: /network/v1/route/{name}
Retrieve Details of a Route
Method: get
Path: /network/v1/route/{name}
Retrieve Details of all Routes in a Container
Method: get
Path: /network/v1/route/{container}/
Update a Route
Method: put
Path: /network/v1/route/{name}