SecurityRules REST Endpoints

A security rule permits traffic from a specified source or to a specified destination. You must specify the direction of a security rule - either ingress or egress. In addition, you can specify the source or destination of permitted traffic, and the security protocol and port used to send or receive packets. Each of the parameters that you specify in a security rule provides a criterion that the type of traffic permitted by that rule must match. Only packets that match all of the specified criteria are permitted. If you don't specify match criteria in the security rule, all traffic in the specified direction is permitted. The primary function of security rules is to help identify the type of traffic to be allowed in the IP network.
Create a Security Rule for IP Networks
Method: post
Path: /network/v1/secrule/
Delete a Security Rule Used in IP Networks
Method: delete
Path: /network/v1/secrule/{name}
Retrieve Details of a Security Rule Used in IP Networks
Method: get
Path: /network/v1/secrule/{name}
Retrieve Details of all Security Rules in a Container
Method: get
Path: /network/v1/secrule/{container}/
Update a Security Rule Used in IP Networks
Method: put
Path: /network/v1/secrule/{name}