VPNEndpoints REST Endpoints

You can create secure IPSec-based tunnels between your data center and the instances in your Compute Classic site to securely access your instances. A vpnendpoint object represents a VPN tunnel to your Compute Classic site. You can create up to 20 VPN tunnels to your Compute Classic site. You can use any internet service provider to access your Compute Classic site, provided you have a VPN device to terminate an IPSec VPN tunnel.

You can create, delete, update and view VPN endpoints using the HTTP requests listed below.

These endpoints are not available on Oracle Cloud Machine.

Create a VPN Endpoint
Method: post
Path: /vpnendpoint/
Delete a VPN Endpoint
Method: delete
Path: /vpnendpoint/{name}
Retrieve Details of a VPN Endpoint
Method: get
Path: /vpnendpoint/{name}
Retrieve Details of all VPN Endpoints in a Container
Method: get
Path: /vpnendpoint/{container}/
Update a VPN Endpoint
Method: put
Path: /vpnendpoint/{name}