Accessing Your Instances Using VPN

Not Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

After you’ve configured your VPN gateway and started a VPN connection, you can securely access your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Compute Classic site by using the private IP address of each instance.


The private IP address of an instance might be assigned dynamically. When an instance is restarted, this dynamically assigned private IP address might change.

Do the following:
  1. Sign in to the Compute Classic console. If your domain spans multiple sites, select the appropriate site. To change the site, click the Site menu near the top of the page.
  2. Go to the instance that you want to access. Make a note of the private IP address of the instance.
  3. After you’ve enabled a VPN tunnel, the instances in your Compute Classic site appear as an extension of the network in your site. You can use the private IP address of a Compute Classic instance to connect to the instance as you would connect to any host in your data center.


After you’ve enabled a VPN tunnel, you can also continue to access your instances over the public Internet, as you did earlier. Any security rules that you might have defined for your instances continue to apply.