How to Begin with Compute Classic Subscriptions

To get started with Compute Classic, sign up for a free credit promotion, or purchase a subscription. You can then access the web console and create users and assign roles.

Here's how to get started with Compute Classic promotions and subscriptions:

  1. Sign up for a free credit promotion or purchase a subscription. (Not available on Oracle Cloud at Customer) See Requesting and Managing Free Oracle Cloud Promotions or Buying an Oracle Cloud Subscription in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.
  2. Access the Compute Classic service. See Accessing Compute Classic Using the Web Console.
  3. Learn about user accounts and roles. See About Compute Classic Roles.
  4. Create accounts for your users and assign them appropriate privileges and roles. See Adding Users and Assigning Roles in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.
  5. Get familiar with Compute Classic terminology. See Compute Classic Terminology.