About Compute Classic Sites

A site is a set of physical servers and the associated storage and networking resources in an Oracle Cloud data center. Each site has a distinct REST API endpoint and its network is isolated from other sites in the data center. When you subscribe to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Dedicated Compute Classic, you get a site that’s dedicated for your use. When you subscribe to Compute Classic, you share sites with other tenants. Multiple sites are assigned to your subscription, and you can see the capacity available on each site at any time. This helps you pick the site that you want to provision resources in.

  • If your domain spans multiple sites, then when you log in to the web console, you can select the site that you want to access.

  • Remember, the web console always shows the resources in your domain in the site that you’re currently logged in to. You can’t see resources across all your sites.

  • You also can’t use resources from one site in your domain with resources in another site. For example, if you’ve created a storage volume in one site, you can’t use this storage volume with an instance that you’ve created in another site.


    One exception to this rule is if you’ve created storage volume snapshots in another site. In this case, you can view snapshots created in another site. See Restoring a Storage Volume from a Remote Snapshot.

  • If your domain spans multiple sites, the web console allows you to view the aggregate resource usage by all tenants on the currently selected site. This is useful while creating instances and other resources. You can check which site has adequate capacity to create the resources you require. To view site utilization, log in to the web console and click the Site menu near the top of the page.

  • If you have multiple entitlements of Compute Classic in your account, you can use the Site menu near the top of the page to switch between different entitlements.

To access the Site menu, log in to the web console. See Accessing Compute Classic Using the Web Console.