About Oracle-Provided Linux Images


Oracle provides images for the following x86, 64-bit releases of Oracle Linux:

  • 5.3
  • 5.11 UEK R2
  • 6.4 UEK R3 and UEK R4
  • 6.6 UEK R3 and UEK R4
  • 6.7 UEK R3 and UEK R4
  • 6.8 UEK R3 and UEK R4
  • 7.1 UEK R3 and UEK R4
  • 7.2 UEK R3 and UEK R4

Each image list might contain multiple versions of an image. From release 16.3.6, the release number is included in the name of the image. Whenever possible, use the latest version of an image. When you create an instance, the web console selects the most recent version of an image by default. If required, you can select an older version.

The Oracle-provided images include the essential packages that are necessary to get started using the instance that you create in Compute Classic.

For more information about available images, see the Compute Classic FAQ.


In instances created by using any of the Oracle-provided Oracle Linux images, a user named opc is preconfigured. The opc user has sudo privileges and is configured for remote access over the SSH v2 protocol using RSA keys. The SSH public keys that you specify while creating instances are added to the /home/opc/.ssh/authorized_keys file.

Note that root login is disabled.

Remote Access

Access to the instance is permitted only over the SSH v2 protocol. All other remote access services are disabled.

OS Updates

The Oracle-provided images are preconfigured to enable you to install and update packages from the repositories on the Oracle public Yum server. The repository configuration file is in the /etc/yum.repos.d directory on your instance. You can install, update, and remove packages by using the yum utility.


Oracle-provided images are updated regularly with the necessary patches. But after creating instances using the Oracle-provided images, you’re responsible for applying the required security updates published through the Oracle public Yum server.

Language Support

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