Workflow for Creating Your First Windows Instance

Not Oracle Cloud at Customer This topic does not apply to Oracle Cloud at Customer.

Here’s a simple workflow that you can use to create your first Windows instance.
  1. Sign in to Oracle Cloud Marketplace at and select the Windows image that you want.
  2. Think of a strong password for the Administrator of your Windows instance and keep the password handy. Ensure that the password meets the Windows password complexity requirements. Refer to the Windows server documentation. You’ll need to set this password when you select a Windows image in Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
  3. Click Get App and follow the process to create an instance using the web console. See Creating an Instance from the Instances Page.


    The custom attributes required to specify RDP and the Administrator password that you provided earlier are pre-populated in the Create Instance wizard. You can specify a different password in the Custom Attributes field while creating the instance. If you want to add other users to your Windows instance and enable RDP access for them, then enter the list of users and passwords. See User Data Attributes Used on Windows Instances.

After creating the instance, you can do the following:

  • You should change the Administrator password when you log in to your instance the first time. You can also add additional administrators and users who are enabled for remote access, so that even if you lose or forget the Administrator password, you don’t get locked out of your instance. If your instance uses a persistent boot disk, any instance configuration, including tasks such as adding users or changing passwords, will be retained as long as the boot disk isn’t deleted. However, if you’re using a nonpersistent boot disk with your Windows instance, then if you terminate the orchestration and start it again later, the Administrator password will be reset to the password that you specified in the orchestration. This is true for any user password that you specify in an orchestration.

  • Configure the security policy on your instance as required. For information about Windows security policies, see the Microsoft Windows Server documentation:

  • Create and attach storage volumes. See Creating a Storage Volume and Attaching a Storage Volume to an Instance.
  • Add your instance to a security rule to control network access to the instance. See Managing Security Rules for IP Networks.
  • Create a security rule to enable RDP access and access your instance securely. See Accessing a Windows Instance Using RDP.
  • Create other Windows instances. After you’ve selected a Windows image from Oracle Cloud Marketplace and added it to your account, the Windows machine image is added to the list of images available while creating an instance or while creating a bootable storage volume. You can then directly select this image to create another Windows instance or a bootable storage volume. See Creating an Instance from the Instances Page and Creating a Bootable Storage Volume.