About Deployments

An Oracle Container Cloud Service deployment comprises a service or stack in which Docker containers are managed, deployed, and scaled according to a set of orchestration rules that you’ve defined. Every time you deploy a service or a stack, Oracle Container Cloud Service creates a deployment. A single deployment can result in the creation of one or many Docker containers, across one or many hosts in a resource pool. And if you deploy the same service (or stack) multiple times, Oracle Container Cloud Service creates a corresponding number of deployments.

The orchestration functionality delivered by Oracle Container Cloud Service begins when you deploy a service and stack. The deployment of a service or stack generates a ‘deployment object’, or simply a ‘deployment’. Docker images are pulled, Docker containers are created, and communication paths between services are set up. The orchestration rules specify how many containers to run per pool, per host, or per tag, and how to select the hosts on which to run the containers. You save default orchestration policies with service and stack definitions, but you can override the default policies for specific deployments.

Each deployment is unique, and has its own lifecycle. A deployment is created when you click Deploy. If you subsequently stop a deployment, any containers created for the deployment are stopped and removed. If you restart a stopped deployment, it keeps the same deployment ID but new containers are created for it.