About Hosts

Hosts (or ‘worker nodes’) are the Oracle Compute virtual machines (VMs) managed by Oracle Container Cloud Service on which you deploy services and stacks to run Docker containers.

Every Oracle Container Cloud Service instance has one manager node, and a number of worker nodes (the ‘hosts’). Oracle Container Cloud Service software running on the manager node orchestrates the deployment of Docker containers to the worker nodes in the instance. Each worker node runs an Oracle Container Cloud Service agent to communicate Docker status to and from the manager node.

A worker node is considered active if the agent can successfully communicate with the manager node. If communication between the manager node and the agent on the worker node is lost for more than a minute or so (due to network, hardware, or software issues), the worker node is considered inactive.

You organize the hosts available to you into resource pools to accommodate your workflow, typically grouping together hosts that share a usage or purpose. It’s important to note that a host can only exist in one resource pool at a time. See About Resource Pools.

Using the Oracle Container Cloud Service Container Console, you can monitor the runtime status of a host (active or inactive). You also use the Container Console to manage the containers running on a host and the images downloaded to it, and to move hosts between resource pools.