About Stacks

An Oracle Container Cloud Service application stack (or simply ‘stack’) comprises all of the necessary configuration for running a set of services as Docker containers in a coordinated way and managed as a single entity, plus default deployment directives.

Note that stacks themselves are neither containers nor images running in containers, but rather are high-level configuration objects that you can create, deploy, and manage using Oracle Container Cloud Service.

For example, a stack might be one or more WordPress containers and a MariaDB container. Likewise a cluster of database or application nodes can be built as a stack.

Oracle Container Cloud Service comes with a number of pre-configured stacks. You can use these pre-configured stacks just as they are, or customize them and save them. You can also create new stacks, adding services to the stack as required.

If you subsequently decide you no longer need a stack, you can remove the stack definition from the Oracle Container Cloud Service database. Note that if there’s already a running deployment based on a stack, removing the stack definition doesn’t affect any currently running containers.