Importing a Load Balancer Digital Certificate

After you obtain a digital certificate, you must import it, so the load balancers you create can access the certificates. This operation uploads the certificate to the server, so it can be listed in the Oracle Compute Cloud Service console.

To import a digital certificate:
  1. Go to the Network page in the Oracle Compute Cloud Service console.
  2. Click Load Balancers in the left pane, and then select the Digital Certificates.
    The existing digital certificates are displayed.
  3. Click Import Digital Certificate.
    The Importing Digital Certificate Dialog page is displayed.
  4. Enter details for the following fields:
    • Certificate Type - Select the type of certificate that you want to import. You can import a Server Certificate or a Trusted Certificate:

      • If you are importing a certificate to secure the client connections to the load balancer, then select Server Certificate.

      • If you are importing a certificate to secure the connections between the load balancer and the origin servers in the server pool, then select Trusted Certificate.

      See About Load Balancer Digital Certificates.

    • Name - Specify a name for the certificate. Name can contain only alphanumeric characters, periods, hyphens and be at most 30 characters long.

    • Certificate - The PEM encoded body of the server certificate. A .pem format file begins with this line:


      and ends with this line:

      ----END CERTIFICATE----

      A .pem format file supports multiple digital certificates (for example, a certificate chain can be included). The order of certificates within the file is important.

    • Private Key - This field displays only for server certificates. Specify the PEM encoded body of the private key.

    • Certificate Chain - Specify the PEM encoded bodies of all certificates in the chain up to and including the CA certificate. This is not need when the certificate is self signed.

  5. Click Import.

    A new certificate is imported. If the newly imported certificate is not appearing in the Digital Certificates tab, click Refresh icon available in the dashboard to refresh the list of imported digital certificates.


    A digital certificate is an immutable entity and its attributes cannot be modified once the certificate is imported. To renew a digital certificate, the listener needs to be updated with a different certificate entity which has been created with the renewed certificate. A digital certificate can be deleted only when it is not referenced by any listeners. Attempting to delete a digital certificate when it is referenced by one or more listeners will result in the 400 error code.