About the Load Balancer IP Addresses and Canonical Host Name

When you use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Load Balancing Classic to create a load balancer, two IP addresses and a canonical name are assigned to the load balancer. It is important to understand the purpose of these properties and why they are created before you implement a load balancing strategy.

When you create a new load balancer, Oracle Public Cloud creates two Compute instances to host the load balancer processes. These internal Compute instances (or virtual machines) are configured in a highly available configuration to ensure your load balancer is always available.

A canonical host name is also assigned to the load balancer. You use this canonical host name as the target URL for any requests to your applications, or you can map your custom, publicly available domain name to the canonical host name, so requests to your domain URL will be routed to the load balancer.

To map your public or custom domain URL to the load balancer, you (or your domain service provider) can create a canonical name (or CNAME) record that points to the load balancer canonical host name.