Accessing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service Using the Web Console

You can access the web console by setting up a Ravello account.

  1. If you are the initial identity domain administrator or service administrator, Oracle Cloud sends you a ‘Welcome to Oracle Cloud’ email that contains your user name, your temporary password, the Identity Domain, the data center, and the URL for the My Services application. An Identity Domain controls the accounts of users who need access to service instances. It also controls the features that authorized users can access.
  2. After you set up the My Services account, Oracle Cloud will send an email to set up your Ravello account.
  3. Follow the instructions provided in the email and create an administrator account for Ravello. Add users and set permissions, see Users and Permissions Groups.


    Note that the credentials for the primary administrator for the account on Oracle Public Cloud (My Services) may be different from the one on Ravello.