Assessing your Deployment Scenario

Determine your deployment scenario and use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service to build applications and migrate a diverse set of general purpose and high-performance workloads to the cloud.

Scenarios Description More Information

Creating and Deploying Ravello Applications to Cloud

Deploy your existing VMware or KVM-based data center workloads on leading Cloud providers, as-is, without any modification to the VMs, network, or storage.

In this scenario, you use the Ravello VM Import tool to upload your VMs or your entire application to Ravello. Then you create or verify the application in Ravello before you deploy it to the cloud. After you create and validate your application, you will publish your application to cloud.

Creating and Distributing Blueprints From the Published Ravello Applications

Create, manage, and distribute blueprints from the validated and published applications.

In this scenario, you save the published application as a blueprint and distribute it with others.

Deploying Ravello Applications to Cloud Using Blueprints

Using private and/or public blueprints that are already validated and available.

In this scenario, you will use the available blueprint and spin up as many applications as you need.