Monitoring Appliance Storage Usage

The System Stats tab enables you to track the storage usage and availability.
  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Select the System tab on the upper-right side of the management console.
  3. Click the System Stats tab in the System pane.
    The system data is displayed in the following three panes:
    • Local Storage
    • Local I/O
    • Local Resources

Local Storage

In this pane, you can view a graphical representation of the amount of storage being used and available free storage on the appliance host, with the following details:
  • Available local storage
  • Storage used for pending uploads and preserved cache files
  • Storage used for metadata
  • Storage used for logging
  • Storage used for other applications

Local I/O

This pane displays the local I/O mode of the appliance based on the local disk space usage in the appliance host.

Local Resources

In this pane, you can view the overall memory usage and memory availability for the appliance from the following fields:
  • Available Cores -The number of CPUs being used by the appliance
  • Maximum Memory Available to the Appliance - The total RAM available for the appliance
  • Memory Used by the Appliance - The amount of memory being used by the filesystems in the appliance
  • Free Memory - The amount of free RAM available in the appliance host