Access Verrazzano

Information and tools to support operating Verrazzano

Get the consoles URLs

Verrazzano installs several consoles. The endpoints for an installation are stored in the Status field of the installed Verrazzano Custom Resource. You can get the endpoints for these consoles by issuing the following command and examining the Status.Instance field:

$ kubectl get vz -o yaml

The resulting output is similar to the following (abbreviated to show only the relevant portions):

    - lastTransitionTime: "2021-06-30T03:10:00Z"
      message: Verrazzano install in progress
      status: "True"
      type: InstallStarted
    - lastTransitionTime: "2021-06-30T03:18:33Z"
      message: Verrazzano install completed successfully
      status: "True"
      type: InstallComplete

If you have jq installed, then you can use the following command to get the instance URLs more directly:

$ kubectl get vz -o jsonpath="{.items[].status.instance}" | jq .

The following is an example of the output:

"consoleUrl": "",
"elasticUrl": "",
"grafanaUrl": "",
"keyCloakUrl": "",
"kibanaUrl": "",
"prometheusUrl": "",
"rancherUrl": ""

Get consoles credentials

You will need the credentials to access the consoles installed by Verrazzano.

Consoles accessed by the same user name/password

  • Grafana
  • Prometheus
  • Kibana
  • Elasticsearch

User: verrazzano

To get the password:

$ kubectl get secret \
    --namespace verrazzano-system verrazzano \
    -o jsonpath={.data.password} | base64 \
    --decode; echo

The Keycloak admin console

User: keycloakadmin

To get the password:

$ kubectl get secret \
    --namespace keycloak keycloak-http \
    -o jsonpath={.data.password} | base64 \
    --decode; echo

The Rancher console

User: admin

To get the password:

$ kubectl get secret \
    --namespace cattle-system rancher-admin-secret \
    -o jsonpath={.data.password} | base64 \
    --decode; echo

Change the Verrazzano password

To change the Verrazzano password, first change the user password in Keycloak and then update the Verrazzano secret.

Change the user in Keycloak

  1. Navigate to the Keycloak admin console.

    a. Obtaining the Keycloak admin console URL is described here.

    b. Obtaining the Keycloak admin console credentials is described here.

  2. In the left pane, under Manage, select Users.

  3. In the Users pane, search for verrazzano or click View all users.

  4. For the verrazzano user, click the Edit action.

  5. At the top, select the Credentials tab.

  6. Specify the new password and confirm.

  7. Specify whether the new password is a temporary password. A temporary password must be reset on next login.

  8. Click Reset Password.

  9. Confirm the password reset by clicking Reset password in the confirmation dialog.

Update the Verrazzano secret

Get the base64 encoding for your new password:

$ echo -n 'MyNewPwd' | base64

Update the password in the secret:

$ kubectl edit secret verrazzano -n verrazzano-system

Replace the existing password value with the new base64 encoded value.

Verrazzano Console

Use its intuitive user interface to interact with applications and configurations in your Verrazzano environment.