How do I manage my leads?

Your leads represent a potential sale. Someone has expressed an interest in your app or service. It’s important to follow up on leads, track your progress, and update the status. By doing so, you can report on your lead activity. Leads and their status are reflected in the operational reports.

For each lead, you can also view and enter notes to communicate status and share information with your teams. The goal is to develop every lead into a sale and grow your business.
To manage the leads generated by Oracle Cloud Marketplace:
  1. Sign in to Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal.
  2. Click Leads.
  3. Review the information on the page. By default, the leads display as cards. Click List to view the leads as a list. Each lead includes:
    • The current status of the lead.

    • The lead name, company, and contact information.

    • The name of your app or service the customer is interested in.

    • Options for updating status, adding notes, and deleting the lead.

  4. Scroll the page, search, or use the filter and sort options to reorder the list or find a set of leads. For example, you might want to show only leads that are new.
  5. Use the options in each lead to manage your leads.
    • To update the status of a lead, click New or the current status of the lead, and select the appropriate status for this lead from the menu. For example, you can update the status when you contact a lead, when a purchase is made, or when you deliver apps or services.

    • To view the existing notes for a lead, click View Notes icon View Notes for the lead. You can view the notes, including who entered each note and when.

    • To enter a note for a lead, click View Notes icon View Notes for the lead. Type your comment in the text box and then click Add Note.

    • To remove a lead, click Delete icon Delete Lead for the lead.

In addition, you can export all your leads or a subset of your leads to a comma-separated values (CSV) file for use in presentations and reports.

Search through your leads

To search for leads that match your specified criteria, use the text box at the top of the Leads page.

You can enter any keyword or text string. For example, you may want to search for all the leads associated with a particular app.

The search isn’t case-sensitive. It doesn’t matter whether you enter uppercase letters, lowercase letters, or a combination. The search doesn’t support wildcard characters (such as *) or Boolean operators (such as AND, OR, and NOT).

The search looks at the information in the following fields:

  • Lead First Name

  • Lead Last Name

  • Lead Company

  • Listing Name

  • Lead Email

To start the search, click Search icon.

To clear a search, delete the criteria from the search text box and click Search icon.

Filter and sort your leads

By default, the Leads page displays all your leads and sorts the leads by the date created, placing the newest lead at the top of the list.

To filter and sort your leads, use the following options at the top of the Leads page:

  • Click Filter to select the type of lead you want to display. You can show all leads (default value), show only leads for your apps, or show only leads for your services. You can also filter your leads by selecting one or more status names to show only leads with the selected status. You can select to display only those leads with a status of new, contacted, purchased, or delivered.

  • Click Sort by to change the display order of the leads. You can sort by date created (newest first or oldest first), lead first name, lead last name, lead company name, or listing name. The listing name is the name of your app or service.

Export lead data

You can export your lead data to a comma-separated values (CSV) file. You can then use a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel, to view, edit, and sort the data. In addition, you can import the data into presentations to share the results with your team and management.

To export your leads to a CSV file:
  1. Sign in to Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal.
  2. Click Leads.
  3. Use search, the Filter options, and the Sort by options to list the set of leads you want to export.
  4. Click Export icon. The system exports the current data set to a CSV file. The file name has this format:


    You can choose to open or save the file. When you save the file, you have the option to rename the file.

  5. Click OK.