How do I test the install package of an archived listing?

You can test the install package of an old version of your listing at any time. You can view the old version from the Archived tab on the Listings page.

When you’re ready to test the package:
  1. Sign in to Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal.
  2. Click Listings and then click the Archived tab.
  3. Scan the page for the listing you want.
  4. Click action menu icon and then click View Listing from the context menu.
  5. Click the App Install Package tab.
  6. Click the Install link.
  7. In the Install page, click Test Install and then select Install from the menu.
    A preview of your listing opens in Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
  8. Click Test Install Get App.
  9. Follow the instructions for running the test.

    You can review the test results (for example, install in progress, installed failed, or upgrade succeeded). You can run the test multiple times. However, keep these tips in mind when re-running tests:

    • You can’t re-run the test if the previous test for the same package is still in progress.

    • You must uninstall the app that was installed during the previous test before you can proceed with a new test. It doesn’t matter whether the previous test succeeded or failed. You must always uninstall the app.

    In the Test Results section, click the Uninstall link in the Action column to uninstall the app.