What do I need to know to get started?

After you sign in to Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal, take a minute to familiarize yourself with user roles, navigating pages, accessing help, and signing out.

Control privileges with user roles

Your user role controls what you can do. Here are the available roles:

  • The Partner Member role lets you create, update, submit, and publish listings; manage leads; view reports; monitor app installations; add standard terms of use; and manage archived listings.

  • The Partner Administrator role gives you the same privileges as the partner member role plus a few more. You can update the company profile, manage the users who can access Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal, and assign roles to users. The My Company link displays in the navigation bar only if you’re a partner administrator.

When you sign up as an Oracle Cloud Marketplace publisher, Oracle grants you access to the Partner Portal application and assigns you the role of partner administrator. You—or anyone you assign the partner administrator role—can then grant access to other users in your company.

Navigate the website

  • Use the links in the navigation bar to go to the different pages on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal website. Click each link and explore the page. Each page makes it easy for you to create your marketplace listings, manage your sales leads, see who has installed your app, update your company profile, and more.

  • The Activity Stream section shows you who has performed what actions in the Partner Portal.

  • Click the Oracle Partner Portal title to return to the Home page at any time.

  • Click Oracle Cloud Marketplace to go to the online store.

Access online help, videos, and support

To view the documentation or watch the videos, go to the Home page and select an option from the Documentation and Videos section.

You can also open the Resources menu to access online help, videos, and support.

Sign out

To sign out of Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal, open the user menu at the top of the page and click Sign out.