What’s Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal?

Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal is an application that lets you create, submit, and manage the app and service listings that you publish to Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

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Whether you’re an independent software vendor or integrator, Oracle Cloud Marketplace gives you a platform to showcase your apps that complement existing Oracle Cloud implementations and market your services, such as consulting and training. Oracle customers can visit the marketplace—a one-stop online store—to find the business apps and professional services that you offer.

In summary, Oracle Cloud Marketplace Partner Portal lets you:

  • Deliver and market your apps or services to Oracle Cloud Marketplace users

  • Create, manage, and publish your marketplace listings

  • Manage sales leads

  • View reports on usage data and sales leads

  • Edit and maintain your company profile

  • Grant other team members access to the Partner Portal application so they can create listings, manage sales leads, and view reports

What types of apps and services can be published on the marketplace?

Oracle approved providers can publish apps and services that integrate or extend Oracle Cloud products. Providers build their products based on Oracle Cloud technology or offer professional services for Oracle Cloud.

What Oracle Cloud products are supported on the marketplace?

Oracle Cloud Marketplace supports products across the Oracle Cloud Software as a Service (Oracle Cloud SaaS), Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (Oracle Cloud PaaS), and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle Cloud IaaS) solutions.

For the most up-to-date list, visit the Oracle Cloud Marketplace website:


Point to the PRODUCTS option at the top of the page to view the currently supported Oracle Cloud products.