Activate/Inactivate Identities for License Management

Navigate to Manage Identities

Here's how you can access the Manage Identities page:

  1. Log in to the Oracle Access Governance Console as a user with the Administrator application role.
  2. Click navigation menu in the top left corner to display the navigation menu.
  3. Select Service Administration → Manage Identities to begin defining your identity rules.

The Manage Identities page is displayed, where you have to define which identities you want to activate.

Select Identities for Activation

In the Manage Identities page, an Administrator defines the identities that you want to include in the Oracle Access Governance service.

You can identify identities to include in your service by selecting criteria based on conditional statements. Either at least one (Any) or all (All) the set conditions must be satisfied. The list of available attributes is determined by the ingested data from the connected systems, and may include custom attributes.

To activate identities in your service, do the following:

  1. Select Any if any one of the set conditions should be satisfied, or select All if all the set conditions must be satisfied for that identity.
  2. Select the attribute name from the list

    You can select both standard and/or custom attributes. The list of attributes available for selection is determined by whether the specific attribute has the Include in manage identities option selected in the Identity Attributes page. To see how to include an attribute see Modify Attribute Settings.

  3. Select the conditional operator. Based on the data type of the attribute selected, the usage of these operators will vary.
  4. Select or type the attribute value.
  5. Continue to add the conditional statements or rules for more attributes.
  6. Once you have defined your rules, select Preview summary based on the rule above to go to the Preview Summary popup. This will display the following information, for the top 10 in each category:
    • Total number of matches based on the rules you have entered.
    • Total number of identities in the service.
    • Breakdown of the distribution of included identities based on:
      • Organization
      • Job code
      • Location
      • Employee type
  7. When you are happy with the rules configured, select Save to save your included identities rules.


Existing customers with identities loaded from Oracle Identity Governance should be aware that they must activate identities required, else they will not be able to see loaded identities in the system as all identities are excluded by default. Customers in this situation can either activate users, as described above, or set the following rule which will activate all identities they previously loaded from Oracle Identity Governance.