About Administering Pixel-Perfect Publishing

Administrator configures the components required for pixel-perfect publishing.

Administrators must use the Manage Publisher option in the Classic Administration page to set up and configure several components before users start building pixel-prefect reports. You need the BI Service Administrator role to do this.

Roles Required to Perform Pixel-Perfect Publishing Tasks

This topic lists the roles required for pixel-perfect publishing.

Application Role Tasks

BI Service Administrator

Set up data source connections to retrieve data for reporting from:

  • JDBC Connection

  • JNDI Connection

  • OLAP Connection

  • Web Service Connection

  • HTTP Connection

  • Content Server

You can also use the following data sources:

  • Oracle BI Analysis

  • Oracle BI Server subject area


BI Service Administrator

Configure the connections to delivery servers:

  • Printer

  • Fax

  • Email

  • HTTP

  • FTP

  • Content Server

  • CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System ) Server

  • Oracle Content and Experience


BI Service Administrator

Configure the scheduler processors

BI Service Administrator

Configure system runtime properties that do the following:

  • Control the processing for different output types

  • Enable digital signature

  • Tune for scalability and performance

  • Define font mappings

BI Service Administrator

Configure server properties such as caching specifications, database failover properties, and database fetch size.

BI Content Author

Fetch and structure the data to use in reports.

 BI Consumer

  • View reports

  • Schedule report jobs

  • Manage report jobs

BI Content Author

  • Create report definitions

  • Design layouts

Navigate to the Administration Pages for Pixel-Perfect Reporting

Administrators set the options for publishing reports through the administration pages for pixel-perfect reporting.

  1. Sign in to Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  2. Click the Page menu on the Home page, and select Open Classic Home.
  3. Click Administration.
  4. Click Manage Publisher .
  5. On the Publisher Administration page, select the required option.