Example - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery Settings

You can configure Oracle Analytics Cloud to send emails from the SMTP mail server available with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  1. In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, configure Email Delivery.
    1. Sign-in to your Oracle Cloud account with permissions to configure Email Delivery.
    2. In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, click Navigation menu in the top left corner.
    3. Under Solutions and Platform, select Email Delivery.
    4. On the Email Approved Senders page, set up an approved sender for the From email address that you want to use to send emails through the mail server.

      Create Approved Sender dialog

      Refer to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation for details. See Managing Approved Senders.

    5. Select Email Configuration, and make a note of the Server Name, Port, and that Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used on the connection.

      Email Configuration page

      Refer to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation for details. See Configure the SMTP connection.

    6. If you've not already done so, click Manage SMTP Credentials to generate SMTP credentials for a user with permissions to manage email.

      Enter a Description, such Oracle Analytics Cloud credentials, and click Generate SMTP Credentials.

      Generate SMTP Credentials

      Copy the Username and Password for your records.

      Username and password for SMTP mail server user

      Refer to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation for details. See Generate SMTP credentials for a user.

  2. In Oracle Analytics Cloud, configure mail server settings.
    1. Click Console.
    2. Click Mail Server.
    3. Configure SMTP settings for your mail server.
      Mail Server Property Value
      SMTP Server

      The name of your email server.

      For example, smtp.us-ashburn-1.oraclecloud.com

      Port 587
      Display name of sender

      The name you want to appear in the From field of your emails.

      For example, Oracle Analytics.

      Email address of sender

      The email address of the approved sender you configured for email delivery.

      For example, your_login_account@example.com.

      Authenticated Select the checkbox.

      The username you recorded after generating SMTP credentials for the mail server.

      For example, ocid1.user.oc1.aaaaaaalgtwnjkell...

      Password The password generated for this user.
      Connection Security STARTTLS
      TLS Certificate

      Default Certificate

    4. Click Save.
    Allow some time for your changes to refresh through your system and Email menu options to display.
  3. To test your mail server settings, try to send a report by email or create an agent to deliver the report.

If you receive test emails delivered using the email account, you successfully configured your mail server.