Maintain Data Gateway

Here are the common tasks to maintain Data Gateway.

Maintenance Tasks for Data Gateway

Task Description More Information
Review installation details Find out the Data Gateway URL and port. In a server deployment, use the DOMAIN_HOME/bin/ script to display the installation status and connection details. For example:
Data Gateway Jetty Home: <Jetty home>
Data Gateway Domain Home: <Domain home> 
Data Gateway Jetty HTTP Port: <Port>
Data Gateway Status: <Data Gateway status> (For example, UP.)
URL: <URL for Data Gateway Agent Configuration page> (For example,

In a personal deployment, use: %loacalappdata%\temp\datagateway.

Start and stop Data Gateway

Start and stop the Jetty application server.

In a server deployment use these commands:

<Install folder>/bin/ and scripts

To restart an agent, execute the stopjetty script, then execute the startjetty script.

In a personal deployment:

To start the Data Gateway agent, use the <Install folder>\datagateway.exe command (on Windows) or datagateway command (on MacOS).

To restart an agent, stop the Data Gateway agent (on Windows, click the Quit Data Gateway option on the Windows Taskbar; on MacOS, click Oracle Data Gateway Quit on the MacOS Menu Bar), then use the datagateway command to start the agent.

Configure a Data Gateway Agent Start the Agent Configuration page for Data Gateway In a server deployment, enter this URL in a browser:

<Local hostname>:<port>/obiee/config.jsp

In a personal deployment:

  • On Windows, use the datagateway.exe command.
  • On MacOS, use the datagateway command.
Adjust the logging level Change how much logging information is recorded for each Data Gateway agent. You perform this step separately for each agent. In a server deployment:
  1. In the installation folder, edit this file:


  2. Set the value of the following property:
    • org.eclipse.jetty.util.log.class=org.eclipse.jetty.util.log.StrErrLog
    • org.eclipse.jetty.LEVEL=<level>

      For example, set <level> to OFF to turn off logging, or set <level> to ALL to log all events.

      Review the logged events in /domain/jettybase/logs/[date].jetty.log.

  3. Restart the Data Gateway agent.

In a personal deployment:

  1. In the installation folder, edit this file:

    <Install folder>\war\datagateway\WEB-INF\

  2. Change the line: logger.rolling.level = ERROR

    For example, change it to: logger.rolling.level = TRACE (other logging levels include ALL and DEBUG).

  3. Restart the Data Gateway agent.
Review the logs Review the auditing and diagnostics information that Data Gateway has logged. In a server deployment, on the machine where you installed Data Gateway, review the file /domain/jettybase/logs/[date].jetty.log.

In a personal deployment, review the files in <Install folder>\logs\.

Un-install Data Gateway

Remove Data Gateway from a machine.

In a server deployment, use Oracle Universal Installer.

In a personal deployment, delete the installation folder.