Manage Snapshots Using REST APIs

You can use Oracle Analytics Cloud REST APIs to programmatically create, restore, and manage your snapshots (BAR files) in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) storage. For example, you might create a script that takes regular backups (snapshots).


The Snapshots page in Oracle Analytics Cloud Console lists the snapshots that you take using the Console. Snapshots that you take and register using the REST APIs don't display in the Snapshots page.

Here are some common tasks using REST APIs.

Task Description REST API Documentation
Understand prerequisites

Understand and complete several prerequisite tasks.

You must have administrator permissions in Oracle Analytics Cloud to manage snapshots using REST APIs (BI Service Administrator).

You also need access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage, permissions to create a bucket for storing the snapshots, and an API signing key that allows you to make REST calls to OCI Object Storage.

Understand OAuth 2.0 token authentication Authentication and authorization in Oracle Analytics Cloud is managed by Oracle Identity Cloud Service. To access the Oracle Analytics Cloud REST APIs, you need an OAuth 2.0 access token to use for authorization. OAuth 2.0 Token Authentication
Take a snapshot Capture content and settings in your system at a point in time to a snapshot (BAR file), save the snapshot in cloud storage, and register the snapshot with your Oracle Analytics Cloud. Create a snapshot (type=CREATE)
Register an existing snapshot Register an existing snapshot that is stored in cloud storage with your Oracle Analytics Cloud. Create a snapshot (type=REGISTER)
Restore from a snapshot Restore your system to a previously working state using a snapshot in cloud storage. Restore a snapshot
Delete a snapshot Delete unwanted snapshots from cloud storage. Delete snapshots
Get snapshot details Get details for a single snapshot or all snapshots in cloud storage. Get a snapshot

Get all snapshots

Get the status of a snapshot work request Monitor the status of REST work requests. Get a work request item