Review Source Tables and Data

This topic describes how you can learn more about the source database objects that are available for your data model.

View Source Objects

You can see a list of source tables and views in the Database menu in the left pane. Click a table or view to see its properties.

The Overview tab for source tables and views shows column information, like column name, data type, whether it’s unique, and whether it accepts null values.

Preview Data in Source Objects

You can preview the first 25 rows of data in your database tables and views. By reviewing the initial rows, you can get ideas for modeling the database tables and views as either dimension tables or fact tables.

  1. Open Data Modeler.
  2. From the Database menu in the left pane, click a database table or view to open it.
  3. Click the Data tab.
  4. Review the first 25 rows of data for the table or view. You can resize the columns in the display table if needed.
  5. Click Get Row Count to retrieve a complete row count for the table or view. This take might take some time to complete if the table is large.
  6. Click Done.