Top FAQs to Back Up and Restore User Content

The top FAQs for backing up and restoring user content are identified in this topic.

What does Oracle back up?

Oracle regularly backs up your entire Oracle Analytics Cloud environment, including system configuration and user content. Oracle Support Services use these system-generated backups to restore an environment that becomes corrupt. System-generated backups aren't accessible to customers and they’re not intended to provide customer-requested recovery points.

How often does Oracle back up?


How long does Oracle keep system-generated backups?

30 days.

Where does Oracle keep system-generated backups?

System-generated backups are stored in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage service is inherently a highly durable storage service and is governed by the resiliency and disaster recovery service level agreements offered by that service.

What do I need to back up?

You should regularly back up the content that users create to a file called a snapshot. User content includes catalog content such as reports, dashboards, data visualization projects, and pixel perfect reports, data sets, data flows, data models, security roles, service settings, and so on.

If something goes wrong with your content or service, you can revert to the content you saved in a snapshot. Snapshots are also useful if you want to move or share content from one service to another.

To back up user content, see Take a Snapshot.

To restore user content, see Restore from a Snapshot.

How often should I take snapshots?

Oracle recommends that you take snapshots at significant checkpoints, for example, before you make a major change to your content or environment. In addition, Oracle recommends that you take regular weekly snapshots or at your own defined frequency based on the rate of change of your environment and rollback requirements.

Where are my snapshots stored?

Snapshots are saved in Oracle Cloud storage. Optionally, you can download snapshots to your own file system and store them locally.

How long can I keep my snapshots?

Snapshots are retained in Oracle Cloud storage forever. You can delete snapshots that you don’t need.

Can I use the Oracle system-generated backup to restore user content instead of my snapshots?

No. System-generated backups aren’t available to customers. You must use the snapshot feature to back up and restore user content.

Do I need to back up and restore the actual data associated with my data sets separately?


What capabilities in Oracle Analytics Cloud can I use to implement a disaster recovery plan?

Target Service Uptime information for Oracle Analytics Cloud is available at: Oracle PaaS and IaaS Public Cloud Services - Pillar document

If an unforeseen disaster happens, a well-architected business continuity plan will enable you to recover as quickly as possible and continue to provide services to Oracle Analytics Cloud users.

Oracle Analytics Cloud offers several features that you can implement to minimize disruption for users:

  • Snapshots: Oracle recommends that you back up user content regularly to a snapshot. If required, you can restore the content in your snapshot to a redundant Oracle Analytics Cloud environment. See Take Snapshots and Restore.

  • Pause and resume: You can deploy a passive backup Oracle Analytics Cloud environment, and use the pause and resume feature to control metering and minimize costs. See Pause and Resume a Service.

  • Diverse regional availability: Oracle Analytics Cloud is available in several global regions. You can deploy a redundant Oracle Analytics Cloud environment in a different region to mitigate the risk of region-wide events. See Data Regions for Platform and Infrastructure Services.