Typical Workflow for Administrators

If you’re configuring Oracle Analytics Cloud for the first time, follow these tasks as a guide.

Task User More Information

as the administrator

Sign-in to Oracle Analytics Cloud as the administrator and navigate to the Console.

Access the Console in Oracle Analytics Cloud

Manage what users see and do

Configure what users see and do in Oracle Analytics Cloud using the Application Role page in the Console.

Manage What Users Can See and Do

Back up and restore content

Back up and restore your environment (semantic model, catalog content, application roles, and so on) using a file called a snapshot. You must take a snapshot of your environment before people start using the system and again at suitable intervals so you can restore the environment if something goes wrong or you need to migrate to different environment.

Take Snapshots and Restore

Schedule regular snapshots (backups) of your content

Take snapshots regularly, as part of your business continuity plan to minimize data loss.

Schedule Regular Snapshots (Backups)

Set up virus scanning

Connect to your virus scanning server.

Configure a Virus Scanner

Set up social channels for content sharing

Enable users to share content on Twitter, Slack, Oracle Cloud Storage, and Oracle Content Management.

Set Up Social Channels For Sharing Visualizations

Set Up a Public Container to Share Visualizations

Set up email deliveries

Connect to your email server.

Set Up an Email Server to Deliver Reports

Track the Reports You Distribute By Email or Through Agents

Enable agents to deliver content

Allow users to use agents to deliver their content.

Enable and Customize Content Delivery Through Agents

Suspend and Resume Deliveries

Restore and Enable Delivery Schedules

Manage the types of devices that deliver content

Configure devices for your organization.

Manage the Types of Devices that Deliver Content

Free up storage space

Delete data sources on behalf of other users to free up storage space.

Delete Unused Datasets

Manage how content is indexed and searched

Set up how content is indexed and crawled so users always find the latest information when they search.

Manage How Content Is Indexed and Searched

Manage maps

Manage map layers and background maps.

Manage Map Information For Analyses

Register safe domains

Authorize access to safe domains.

Register Safe Domains

Manage session information

Monitor who is signed in and troubleshoot issues with analyses by analyzing the SQL queries and logs.

Monitor Users and Activity Logs

Change the default reporting page and dashboard styles

Change the default logo, page style, and dashboard style.

Apply Custom Logos and Dashboard Styles

Migrate from Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g Migrate reporting dashboards and analyses, semantic models, and application roles.

Migrate Content from Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 11g

Migrate from Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 12c Migrate reporting dashboards and analyses, semantic models, and application roles.

Migrate Content from Oracle BI Enterprise Edition 12c

Upload semantic models from Oracle Analytics Server

Upload and edit semantic models from Oracle Analytics Server

Upload Semantic Models from Oracle Analytics Server

Edit a Semantic Model in the Cloud

Localize reporting dashboards and analyses

Localize the names of catalog objects (known as captions) into different languages.

Localize Catalog Captions

Replicate data you want to visualize Import data from Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications into high-performant data stores, such as Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, and Oracle Big Data Cloud, for visualization and analysis in Oracle Analytics Cloud. Replicate Data
Track usage Track the user-level queries to the content in Oracle Analytics Cloud. Track Usage
Set up write-back Enable users to update data from analyses and dashboards. Deploy Write-back
Set up custom JavaScript for actions Enable users to invoke browser scripts from analyses and dashboards. Enable Custom Java Script For Actions