Typical Workflow to Take Snapshots and Restore

Here are the common tasks to back up and restore your content using snapshots using the Console.


You can also manage snapshots using the REST API. The Snapshots page in Oracle Analytics Cloud Console lists the snapshots that you take using the Console. Snapshots that you take and register using the REST API don't display in the Snapshots page. See Manage Snapshots Using REST APIs.

Task Description More Information

Take a snapshot

Capture content and settings in your environment at a point in time.

Take a Snapshot

Restore from a snapshot

Restore the system to a previously working state.

Restore from a Snapshot

Delete a snapshot

Delete unwanted snapshots.

Delete Snapshots

Download a snapshot

Save a snapshot to a local file system.

Export Snapshots

Upload a snapshot

Upload content from a snapshot that is stored on a local file system.

Import Snapshots

Migrate content using a snapshot

Migrate content to another environment.

Migrate Oracle Analytics Cloud Using Snapshots