Whitelist Safe Domains

Whitelisting allows or approves access to specific content. For security reasons, you’re not allowed to add external content to reports or embed your reports in other applications unless your administrator considers it safe to do so. Only administrators can add safe domains to the whitelist.

Only authorized users may access the content. Users are prompted to sign in when they access content on these safe domains, unless your service is set up with Single Sign On (SSO).
After you've added a safe domain to the whitelist, users need to sign out and sign back in to access content from that source.
  1. Click Console.
  2. Click Safe Domains.
  3. Click Add Domain to register a safe domain.
  4. Enter the name of the safe domain. Use formats such as:
    • www.example.com

    • *.example.com

    • https:

  5. Specify the types of resources users can embed in their projects, reports, and dashboards.
    • Select the types of resources you want to allow, for example, images, scripts, and so on.

    • Deselect to block any resource types you don't consider safe.

  6. If you want to allow users to embed their projects, reports, and dashboards in external content located on the domain, select Embedding.
    Safe Domains page
  7. To remove a domain, select it and click the Delete icon.