Add Translations to a Style Template Definition

Style templates offer the same support for translations as RTF template files.

You can upload multiple translated RTF files under a single Style Template definition and assign the appropriate locale.

Or you can generate an XLIFF (.xlf) file of the translatable strings, translate the strings, and upload the translated file. These are displayed in the Translations region, as shown in the following figure:

At runtime, the appropriate style template is applied based on the user's account Preference setting for Report Locale for reports viewed online; or, for scheduled reports, based on the user's selection for Report Locale for the scheduled report.

The XLIFF files for style templates can be generated individually, then translated, and uploaded individually. Or, if you perform a catalog translation that includes the style template folders, the strings from the style template files are extracted and included in the larger catalog translation file. When the catalog translation file is uploaded to Publisher, the appropriate translations from the catalog file are displayed in the Translations region of the Style Template definition.

For more information on translations, see Translation Support Overview and Concepts.