Create a Data Set Using an Analysis

You can use the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog to select an analysis as a data source.

An analysis is a query against an organization's data that provides answers to business questions. A query contains the underlying SQL statements that are issued to the Oracle BI Server.

Hierarchical columns aren’t supported in Publisher data models.

Create a data set using an analysis:

  1. Click the New Data Set toolbar button and select Analysis.
  2. In the New Data Set - Analysis dialog, enter a name for this data set.
  3. Click the browse icon to connect to the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog.
  4. When the catalog connection dialog launches, navigate through the folders to select the analysis to use as the data set for the report.
  5. Enter a Time Out value in seconds. If Publisher hasn’t received the analysis data after the time specified in the time out value has elapsed, then Publisher stops attempting to retrieve the analysis data.
  6. Click OK.

Additional Notes on Analysis Data Sets

Parameters and lists of values are inherited from the analysis and are displayed at runtime.

The analysis must have default values defined for filter variables. If the analysis contains presentation variables with no default values, then you can't use it as a data source for reports in Publisher.

You can't use group breaks, group filters, data links and group-level functions when structuring data based on data sets for an analysis. You can use global-level functions and you can set values for null elements.