Generate Zipped PDF Output

When generating PDF output, Publisher doesn't limit the size of the output file. However, when the size of the file approaches 2 GB, Adobe Acrobat Reader may no longer be able to open or handle the file. Publisher provides a feature to split a large PDF output file into smaller, more manageable files, while still maintaining the integrity of the report as one logical unit.

When PDF output splitting is enabled for a report, the report is split into multiple files generated in one zip file. The output type is PDFZ. For easy access to the component files, Publisher also generates an index file that specifies from and to elements contained in each component PDF file.

To enable this feature, the report designer must set up the report using the methods described in this section.

Limitations and Prerequisites

Perform these steps before using this feature, and be aware of its functional limitations.

  • This feature is supported only for PDF output that is generated from an RTF template or a PDF template.

  • Data set input to the report must be flat XML data (that is, ROWSET/ROW). The data set cannot be hierarchical or concatenated.

  • The data set must be sorted by the element designated as the "repeat" element (as described below).

Design Time Considerations

To enable report splitting, the report designer must determine these steps.

  • Select a repeat element to serve as the counter.

  • Determine how many instances of the repeat element occur per PDF file.

  • Select which data elements to include in the generated index file.

Select the Output Type

After uploading the template to the report definition, enable Zipped PDFs as an output type.

The output type menu is shown in the following illustration.

When scheduling the report, select PDFZ as the output type, as shown in the following illustration.