Implement PDF Splitting for a PDF Template

This section describes the commands required in a PDF template to split the output into multiple PDF files.

Enter the Commands in the PDF Template

To enable this feature for a PDF template, enter the three form fields listed in this table here in the template with the specified commands in the Tooltip field.

Form Field Name Tooltip Command


<?repeat-element:element name?>, where element_name is the XML tag name of the repeating element that is counted. Example: <?repeat-element:emp_id?>


<?catalog-index-info:'Name';element_name?>, where Name is the label that appears in the index file for the element_name that you specify. The index generates a From and To listing for each file in the zipped set. Example: <?catalog-index-info:'Last Name';LAST_NAME?>

You can include multiple occurrences of the catalog-index-info command to include multiple data elements in the index file.


<?split-count:n?>, where n is the number of occurrences of the repeat-element that triggers the creation of a new file. Example: <?split-count:10000?>