Overview for Report Designers

A report consists of a data model, a layout, and a set of properties.

Optionally, a report may also include a style template and a set of translations. A report designer performs the following tasks:

  • Design the layout for the report. The layout can be created using a variety of tools. The output and design requirements of a particular report determine the best layout design tool. Options include the Layout Editor, which is a Web-based layout design tool and enables interactive output, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Flexbuilder.

  • Set runtime configuration properties for the report.

  • Design style templates to enhance a consistent look and feel of reports in your enterprise.

  • Create subtemplates to re-use common functionality across multiple templates.

  • Enable translations for a report.

Define Summary Text for Tables

You can define a text summary to describe a table within a report.

To define summary table text:
  1. Select a table.
  2. On the Properties pane, expand Misc.
  3. In the Summary property, enter the table summary text.