RTF Template Properties

You configure RTF templates with various settings.

The properties described in the following table can be set to govern RTF templates.

Property Name Description Default Internal Name

Extract attribute sets

The RTF processor automatically extracts attribute sets within the generated XSL-FO. The extracted sets are placed in an extra FO block, which can be referenced. This improves processing performance and reduces file size. Valid values are:

  • Enable - extract attribute sets for all templates and subtemplates

  • Auto - extract attribute sets for templates, but not subtemplates

  • Disable - do not extract attribute sets

Auto rtf-extract-attribute-sets

Enable XPath rewriting

When converting an RTF template to XSL-FO, the RTF processor automatically rewrites the XML tag names to represent the full XPath notations. Set this property to "false" to disable this feature. true rtf-rewrite-path

Characters used for checkbox

The default PDF output font doesn't include a glyph to represent a checkbox. If the template contains a checkbox, use this property to define a Unicode font for the representation of checkboxes in the PDF output. You must define the Unicode font number for the "checked" state and the Unicode font number for the "unchecked" state using the following syntax: fontname;<unicode font number for true value's glyph >;<unicode font number for false value's glyph>

Example: Albany WT J;9746;9747/A Note that the font that you specify must be made available at runtime.

Albany WT J;9746;9747/A rtf-checkbox-glyph