Test Fonts

You can test fonts to ensure that your reports are displayed correctly.

You must ensure that the required fonts are mapped correctly, to avoid issues such as Roman alphabet characters not being displayed. You must ensure that the font family name in the font mapping exactly matches the name that is used in the template.
  1. Open Template Viewer.
    From the Windows desktop, click Start, then Programs, then Oracle BI Publisher Desktop, then Template Viewer.
  2. Navigate to the Setting (Default) tab.
  3. Load the xdo.cfg configuration file containing the font mapping.
    For example, the Arial font is set in the xdo.cfg file as follows:
        <font family="Arial" style="italic" weight="bold">
             <truetype path="D:\fonts\arialbi.ttf" />
  4. Reload the xdo.cfg configuration file if you make any changes to it.
  5. Run the report.
    1. In the Files tab, select the data file and template for testing the fonts.
    2. From the Output Format list, select the output format.
    3. Click Start Processing
    4. View the report to verify if the fonts display correctly.