Understand XSL Subtemplates

An XSL subtemplate is an XSL file that consists of one or more <xsl:template> definitions, each containing a block of formatting or processing commands.

When uploaded to Publisher as a Sub Template object in the Catalog, this XSL file can be called from other RTF templates to execute the formatting or processing commands.

XSL subtemplates can handle complex data and layout requirements. Use XSL subtemplates to transform the data structure for a section of a report (for example, for a chart) or to create a style sheet to manage a complex layout.

Where to Put XSL Code in the RTF Main Template

When you call the XSL subtemplate within a main RTF subtemplate, you use XSL commands.

You must put this code inside a Publisher field (or Microsoft Word form field). You cannot enter XSL code directly in the body of the RTF template.

For more information on inserting form fields in an RTF template see Insert a Field.