Upload a Style Template File to the Catalog

You can place a style template in any folder in the catalog to which you have access.

Your organization may have a designated folder for style templates.

To upload a style template file:

  1. On the global header click New and then click Style Template. This launches an untitled Style Template properties page.
  2. From the Templates region, click the Upload toolbar button.
  3. In the Upload Template File dialog, click Browse to select the Template File. Select rtf as the Type, and select the appropriate Locale.

    The style template file is displayed in the Templates region as the locale name that you selected (for example: English-United States).

  4. Click Save.
  5. In the Save As dialog choose the catalog folder in which to save the style template. Enter the Name and click Save.
    You may only upload one RTF file per locale to a Style Template definition. If you upload additional template files to this Style Template, each file is automatically named as the locale regardless of the name that you give the file before upload.
  6. If you are uploading multiple localized files, then select the file that is to be used as the default.