6 Troubleshoot

This topic describes common problems that you might encounter administering services in Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic and explains how to solve them.


I’m having problems creating a service

In Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, navigate to Analytics Classic, and open the Service Create and Delete History pane. Click Details to see why provisioning failed. Maybe you have insufficient resources or perhaps you entered an invalid service name? In most cases, you can diagnose the problem from the information provided here.

When you create a service, a diagnostics ZIP file is uploaded to your cloud storage location. If your issue requires further diagnosis, you can examine the log files in this ZIP file.

  1. Go to your cloud storage and locate the service_provisioning logs folder. Either:

    • Open the Storage Cloud Service Console and navigate to the container you specified when you created the service.

    • Navigate to a URL similar to: https://storage.oraclecloud.com/v1/<storage domain>

    Provisioning ZIP files are named like this: <service>-bi-1-logs-<timestamp>.zip

    For example:

    • service_provisioning/mybiservice-bi-1-logs-20161018-080743.zip

    • service_provisioning/testbiservice-bi-1-logs-20161026-223639.zip

    • service_provisioning/myessbaseservice-bi-1-logs-20161027-135349.zip

  2. Expand the ZIP file and look for issues recorded in the logs.

    For a BI service, look at setupBICS.log.

    For an Essbase service, look at continue-service-start-essbase.log.

  3. If you’re still having issues, contact Oracle Support and send them the ZIP file.

How do I diagnose other issues?

Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic saves logs to several locations:

  • /bi/data/logs - Includes provisioning logs for BI services

  • /bi/logs - Includes lifecycle operation logs for BI services

  • /u01/data/logs/workspace/log - Includes provisioning logs for Essbase services

  • /u01/data/logs/var/log - Includes lifecycle operation logs for Essbase services

  • /u01/data/logs/ESSBASE - Includes service lifecycle operation logs for Essbase services

  • /u01/data/logs - Includes runtime logs for Essbase services

You can use your favorite SSH client to log in to the compute node associated with your service to access these logs.

You can also download and view Essbase logs at the server level and applications level, from the Essbase service. See Download Server and Application Logs in Using Oracle Analytics Cloud - Essbase.

When do I contact Oracle Support?

If you encounter a problem with creating or managing Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic services, contact Oracle Support for assistance, after recording any error messages in the user interface. If necessary, Oracle Support can guide you through collecting any additional diagnostics.