Configure Data Gateway for Data Visualization

After you've installed Data Gateway, you configure your on-premises environment and register one or more Data Gateway agents for remote connectivity from visualization workbooks.

To deploy multiple Data Gateway agents, repeat steps 4 to 9 for each agent.
  1. Log into Oracle Analytics Cloud as an administrator.
  2. Copy your Oracle Analytics Cloud URL:
    1. In a browser, navigate to the home page of your Oracle Analytics Cloud instance.

      Use the same URL that end users use to connect to Oracle Analytics Cloud.

    2. In the browser's address bar, copy the URL up to and including <domain> (not the text after that).
      For example, if the URL is, then copy
      You'll use this URL in Step 4 when you set up Data Gateway in Agent Configuration.
  3. Enable Data Gateway in Console:
    1. From the Oracle Analytics Cloud Home page, click Console.
    2. Click Remote Data Connectivity.
    3. Enable the Enable Data Gateway option.
      Keep this browser page open as you complete the following steps.
  4. For each Data Gateway agent, use the Home page to generate an authorization key for that machine:
    If you're asked to log in, enter the same username and password that you specified in the Credentials page of the Data Gateway installer.
    1. To start the Data Gateway agent, open a web browser and enter the URL: <Local hostname>:<port>/obiee/config.jsp. To obtain the URL used to start Data Gateway Agent Configuration, use the /<Data Gateway install folder>/domain/bin/ command and refer to the URL output value displayed..
      The Data Gateway agent Home page is displayed.
    2. In the URL field, enter the Oracle Analytics Cloud URL that you copied in Step 2.
    3. Click Generate Key, then click Copy to Clipboard.
      Leave the other fields blank.


      Don't click Test, Save, or Enable yet.
  5. Switch to the browser session where you have the Console page Remote Data Connectivity displayed, and add details of each Date Gateway agent that you've deployed.
    1. Under Data Gateway, click Add.
    2. In Public Key, paste in the key that you copied using the Copy to Clipboard option in Step 4.c.
      When you paste in the key, the Name, ID, and Host fields are completed with the details of the on-premise machine where you've installed Data Gateway.
    3. Click OK to save the details.
  6. Switch to the Data Gateway Home page.
  7. Optional: Use the Allowed Hosts field to restrict Data Gateway access to specific host machines. Leave the field blank to enable Data Gateway to access any host machine.
    You can specify host names and IP addresses with asterisk (*) wildcards, separated with a semi-colon.
    For example, abcd*; 10.174.* .
    By default the Data Gateway agent attempts to connect to a data source on any host specified in a remote connection in Oracle Analytics Cloud. The Allowed Hosts field allows you to constrain the target hosts and IP addresses that Data Gateway can connect to. However, you must configure Data Gateway so that all agents can serve all remote queries.
  8. Optional: Use the Allowed SQL Statements field to restrict Data Gateway to specific SQL or data manipulation language (DML) constructs. Leave the field blank to enable Data Gateway to execute any SQL statements or DML constructs on the data source.
    For example, specify SELECT to restrict Data Gateway to read-only access to the remote data source. Or specify SELECT; ALTER SESSION to restrict Data Gateway to using SELECT and ALTER SESSION operations.
    Make sure that the SQL in any semantic model connect scripts (or anywhere else) doesn't contain trailing whitespace or control characters (EOL - End of line, or CR - Carriage Return).
  9. Click Test, Save, then Enable.
    To deploy multiple Data Gateway agents, repeat steps 4 to 9 for each agent.

    If the test fails, this means that the Data Gateway agent can't authenticate. Possible reasons include:

    • The agent key hasn't been copied to the Remote Data Connectivity page in Oracle Analytics Cloud Console.
    • The agent key has been regenerated in the agent, but the new key hasn't been copied to the Remote Data Connectivity page in Oracle Analytics Cloud Console.
    • There's no suitable network route from the agent to Oracle Analytics Cloud.

If you also want to connect remotely from reporting dashboards and analyses, perform the additional configuration steps in Configure and Register Data Gateway for Reporting.

Then you're ready to test your deployment by connecting remotely to an on-premises database.