Connect to Google BigQuery

You can create a connection to a Google BigQuery database and use the connection to visualize data.

  1. In Google BigQuery, create a Service Account.
    1. Add a role (for example, BigQuery User) with the permission to the Service Account.
    2. Add Users to the role.
    3. Add a JSON key.
  2. On the Oracle Analytics Home page, click Create, and then click Connection.
  3. Click BigQuery.
  4. Enter the connection details.
    • In Workbook, specify the workbook name exactly as defined in Google BigQuery.
    • In Service Account Private Key, upload the Service Account Private Key (JSON format).
  5. Save the details.

    You can now create analytics dataset workbooks based on your Google BigQuery data. When you create a dataset, you navigate to BigQuery tables and select the data facts and measures to analyze. Alternatively, you can use a SQL Query to get the data directly.