Connect to On-premise Data Sources Over a Private Access Channel

A private access channel enables a direct connection between Oracle Analytics Cloud and your private data sources.

Private access channels enable you to connect to private data source hosts. You can't use a private access channel to access any other types of private host, such as a private FTP or SMTP host.

You use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console to set up a private access channel for Oracle Analytics Cloud and configure access to your on-premises data sources. See Connect to Private Data Sources Through a Private Access Channel and Top FAQs for Private Data Sources in Administering Oracle Analytics Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Gen 2).

Supported Data Sources on Private Access Channels

To find out which data sources you can connect to through a private access channel, see Supported Data Sources. Look for the data sources with the connectivity option Private access channel in the "Use in Datasets" or "Use in Semantic Models" column.