Connect to Remote Data Using Generic JDBC

You can connect to remote on-premises databases using a generic JDBC connection.

Oracle doesn't manage the license or usage compliance for JDBC drivers that you deploy in your on-premises environment.
Before you start, check with your service administrator that remote connectivity is enabled in Oracle Analytics and that Data Gateway is installed on the system hosting your remote data source.
Check the driver documentation and the JAR file for specifying the URL of your JDBC data source. Avoid using instance-specific connection names such as host names, because the same connection can be configured against different databases in different environments (for example, development and production). When you create a connection using JDBC, the Use Remote Data Connectivity option is selected by default and greyed out because you can't use generic JDBC connections for local data sources.
  1. Download the JDBC driver JAR file that you're deploying.
  2. Navigate to the \<Data Gateway installation>\ folder and copy in the JAR file that you downloaded in Step 1.
    • In a server deployment, copy the JAR file into: <Data Gateway install_location>/domain/jettybase/thirdpartyDrivers.
    • In a personal deployment on Windows, copy the JAR file into: <Data Gateway_extract_path>\thirdpartyDrivers.
    • In a personal deployment on MacOS, copy the JAR file into: <Application->Show Package Contents>Resources->app.nw-> thirdpartyDrivers.
  3. Restart the Data Gateway agent.
  4. On the Oracle Analytics Home page, click Create, and then click Connection.
  5. Click JDBC do display the connection dialog.
  6. Enter the URL of your JDBC data source in the Host field.
  7. Enter the driver class name contained in the JAR file or from the download location in the Driver Class field.
  8. Enter user credentials with access to the Snowflake data source in the Username and Password fields.
  9. Save the details.
You can now create analytics data set projects using this connection.