Connect to Snowflake Data Warehouse

You can create a connection to Snowflake Data Warehouse and use the connection to access data.

See format guidelines,

  1. On the Home page, click Create, and then click Connection.
  2. Click Snowflake Data Warehouse.
  3. Enter a Connection Name.
  4. In Hostname, enter the host account name using one of the following formats:
    • For Amazon Web Services US West, use <account>
    • For all other regions on Amazon Web Services, use <account>.<region>
    • For all regions on Microsoft Azure, use <account>.<region>

    Where account is the Snowflake account name that you want to use to access the data, for example:

  5. For Username and Password, enter user credentials with access to the Snowflake data source.
  6. For Database Name, enter the name of the database containing the schema tables and columns that you want to connect to.
  7. For Warehouse, enter the name of the warehouse containing the database, schema tables and columns that you want to connect to. For example, Example-WH.
  8. If you want data modelers to be able to use these connection details. click System connection. See Database Connection Options.
  9. Click Save.