About Database Connections for Semantic Models

Data Modeler in Oracle Analytics Cloud can handle data stored in Oracle Cloud databases. Simply connect Oracle Analytics Cloud to your cloud data sources to start modeling the data.

It doesn't matter if your business data is stored in several different locations. You can connect Oracle Analytics Cloud to multiple cloud databases, so business analysts can model and then analyze their data wherever it is stored.

Administrators create, manage, and test database connections for Data Modeler through the Console. Business modelers can see connected databases through Data Modeler and build business models from the data.

You can connect Data Modeler to Oracle Cloud databases. The target database must be Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service or Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

You don't have to re-enter database connection information for semantic models pre-built with Oracle BI Enterprise Edition. Connection information for these models is often already defined in the semantic model that you upload to Oracle Analytics Cloud. See About Uploading Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Semantic Models to the Cloud.

If you’re using Model Administration Tool to edit your semantic models and upload them to Oracle Analytics Cloud, you can refer to any database connections you define in the Console “by name” in the Connection Pool dialog. You don’t need to re-enter the connection details in Model Administration Tool. See Connect to a Data Sources using a Connection Defined In Console.