Install or Upgrade Data Gateway

Install a Data Gateway agent on a machine in the network where the data source is hosted.

You can install Data Gateway agents interactively or silently using an Oracle Universal Installer response file. To deploy Data Gateway agents on multiple machines, repeat the installation and configuration steps for each machine.

To upgrade an earlier server installation of Data Gateway on Linux, install the new version of Data Gateway into the existing installation folder. If you have an existing personal installation of Data Gateway on Windows, delete the installation and re-install using the instructions below.

  1. Download Data Gateway from Oracle Technology Network (see Download Data Gateway).
  2. Start the Data Gateway installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

    For example, for Linux, run DataGateway_<update>Linux64.bin, or for Windows run DataGateway_<update>Windows64.exe.

    For Linux, first make the installer file executable (for example, using chmod 777).

  3. To start the Data Gateway agent, open a web browser and enter the URL: <Local hostname>:<port>/obiee/config.jsp. To obtain the URL used to start Data Gateway Agent Configuration, use the /<Data Gateway install folder>/domain/bin/ command and refer to the URL output value displayed.
  4. If you're using a proxy, navigate to the Home page in the Data Gateway agent, and specify the Proxy details for Host, Port, User, and Password.
You can review the details at any time using the command located in the <Data Gateway agent install folder>/domain/bin/ folder. Example output:
Data Gateway Jetty Home: <Jetty home>
Data Gateway Domain Home: <Domain home> 
Data Gateway Jetty HTTP Port: <Port>
Data Gateway Status: <Data Gateway status> (For example, UP.)
URL: <URL for Data Gateway Agent Configuration page> (For example,
When the installation is complete, configure Data Gateway to communicate with your Oracle Analytics Cloud. instance. See Configure Data Gateway for Data Visualization or Configure and Register Data Gateway for Reporting.