Edit a Semantic Model in the Cloud

Use Model Administration Tool to edit a semantic model that you previously uploaded to Oracle Analytics Cloud.

  1. Open Model Administration Tool.

    Go to your Windows Start menu, click Oracle Analytics Client Tools, and then select Model Administration Tool.

  2. In Model Administration Tool, click the File menu, select Open, and then In the Cloud.
  3. Enter connection information for Oracle Analytics Cloud.
  4. Update your model.
    1. Make changes to the model, as required.
    2. To validate your changes, click Tools, Show Consistency Checker, and then click Check All Objects.
    3. To save the changes locally, click File, and then click Save.
  5. To upload your changes to Oracle Analytics Cloud, click File, Cloud, and then click Publish.
To refresh or discard your changes, use the File submenu:
  • Refresh – Use this option to refresh your semantic model with the latest updates. If another developer has modified the semantic model, then you’re prompted to initiate a merge.

  • Discard – Use this option to cancel any changes that you’ve made to the semantic model in the current session.