About Editing Semantic Models Uploaded from Oracle BI Enterprise Edition

Administrators can use Console to upload semantic models from Oracle BI Enterprise Edition to Oracle Analytics Cloud. Once a semantic model is uploaded, semantic model developers can use Model Administration Tool to edit and deploy their updates to Oracle Analytics Cloud. Users can then start exploring data through visualizations, analyses, and dashboards.


  • Oracle BI Enterprise Edition or later.

  • A Windows 64–bit machine on which to download Oracle Analytics Client Tools and run the Model Administration Tool. See Download and Install Oracle Analytics Client Tools.


    Oracle publishes new Oracle Analytics Client Tools with each Oracle Analytics Cloud update. After Oracle updates your Oracle Analytics Cloud environment, you must always download and start using the latest Oracle Analytics Client Tools.
  • A validated semantic model .rpd file.

  • Valid user credentials. A user in the Oracle Cloud identity management system associated with Oracle Analytics Cloud who has administrator permissions in Oracle Analytics Cloud (that is, a user with the BIServiceAdministrator application role).

    Your Oracle Analytics Cloud uses one of these Oracle Cloud identity management systems:
    • Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS): If your Oracle Analytics Cloud federates with Oracle Identity Cloud Service you must connect with Oracle Identity Cloud Service user credentials.
    • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) Identity Domains: If your Oracle Analytics Cloud uses an IAM identity domain for identity management, you must connect with identity domain user credentials.

    If you're not sure, ask your cloud service administrator. See About Setting Up Users and Groups.

    If Oracle Analytics Cloud uses an external identity provider such as Active Directory for Single Sign-on (SSO) and you try to connect with your SSO user credentials, you see the message "Connection failed 401: Unauthorized" when you try to connect.

  • Check with your cloud service administrator that the required port number is open (that is, port 443 for HTTPS access to Oracle Analytics Cloud, otherwise port 80 for HTTP access ).

Typical Workflow for Using Model Administration Tool to Edit Your Semantic Model